BetDEX Exchange


A sports betting exchange built on the Monaco Protocol and Solana
What is the BetDEX Exchange?
The BetDEX Exchange is a trading interface intended for use by sport bettors and built on Solana.
Is the BetDEX Exchange licensed?
We are currently licensed in the Isle Of Man.
Where will the BetDEX Exchange be available?
We aim to offer our exchange to as many people as possible but we are subject to licenses and there certain jurisdictions are prohibited. Find a list of these here.
What sports can I bet on?
The available sports and competitions to bet on are available here but we start primarily with the WC 2022 events.
How do I access the BetDEX Exchange?
Click here for our beta instructions!
We are due imminently to launch on MainNET so watch this space

What happens in the event of a Solana outage?

If the Solana blockchain experiences an outage the Solana Foundation will revert back to the last stable block and restart the blockchain from that point. This means that any transactions that occurred after that block following the instability will cease to exist and balances in wallets will revert to what they were at the point of that last good block. While this is not ideal it is the fairest method to recover from an outage on Solana.

How does BetDEX ensure the integrity of its markets?

BetDEX only offers markets on top-tier sporting events where integrity issues are rare. BetDEX will settle all markets using the official result of the relevant governing body.