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$BETWC Airdrop & Promotion

How to wager with and redeem our on-chain bonus token
So there’s BETWC in your wallet and you don’t know how it got there? Have no fear - you’ve come to the right place.
To celebrate the launch of our exchange, we’ve airdropped an on-chain bonus dollar that can be wagered in dedicated World Cup Futures markets on BetDEX, where you can express which country you believe will win the tournament. The token ticker is BETWC, short for BetDEX Football Dollar.
At the conclusion of the World Cup, winnings from wagered BETWC will be redeemable for USDT. Winnings are defined as net profits on the whole market. For example, if a user backed Qatar and also backed Ecuador and Ecuador were to lift the trophy then the user’s profit would be calculated as (Ecuador Stake * Odds) - Ecuador Stake - Qatar Stake.
Who Received BETWC?
We’re sending all new BetDEX members 5 BETWC 24 hours after they successfully sign up for the exchange and complete KYC. The 5 BETWC from signup are limited to one per person and cannot be transferred.
We’ve also sent BETWC to a wide range of Solana NFT communities and on-chain traders. We didn’t ask for permission.
SMB, OkayBears, SAMO, Stoned Ape Crew, and Famous Fox Federation are among the NFT communities we’ve sent BETWC to.
BETWC cannot be transferred between wallets. Transferring will void your ability to redeem for USDT.
Does BETWC Expire?
Yes. These tokens are only wagerable in dedicated World Cup betting markets on BetDEX. We plan to leave these markets open through the conclusion of the tournament, but this is subject to change.
How can I redeem BETWC?
After the tournament is complete and a World Cup champion has been crowned in Qatar, we will open our redemption tool. Users that win in BETWC markets will be able to convert their winnings into USDT.
Redemption will be available until January 17, 2023 and are subject to BetDEX fraud and compliance checks.
$BETWC Airdrop & Promotion subject to BetDEX's standard Terms of Service​